Beech Hall: Inspired by Egypt

The new artist collective creates homeware, jewelry and even original paintings, tied together by a single theme

Two’s a company, and three’s an art collective for the newly formed Beech Hall. Former art school dormmates Danielle Kroll (illustrator and textile designer), Bev Beaulieu (jewelry and 3D CAD designer) and Wade Keller (art director and product designer) combine their honed strengths and talents in a unique way. Together, they’ve taken up the creative challenge of designing a contemporary collection of homeware, jewelry, ceramics and more, tied together by a single theme—and their inaugural attempt channels Egypt’s history and ancient art. From geometric earrings shaped like escaping snakes to porcelain vases shaped like Cleopatra sarcophagus, every one of the diverse results is impressively handmade in the US.

Beech Hall, interestingly, even includes original works of art. Kroll paints over images of King Tut, statues, ruins and more taken from the pages of vintage books. And there’s a featured guest artist (and cookie decorator) Ryan Pfaff, another friend from art school who has created a trompe l’oeil oil painting to round out the strong collection.

Shop it all online from Beech Hall. We can’t wait to see what their next theme will be.

Images courtesy of Beech Hall