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Plug Pack


Traveling nowadays is impossible without plenty of tech accessories—even if you’re not traveling for work. From earbuds to power adaptors, various chargers and cords, it can all become a big tangled mess. …

Indigo Dye Kit


With no heating, fermentation or extra ingredients, Yamato Indigo only needs water and you’re on your way to dyeing fabric a lush, vibrant blue. Able to color natural materials (including cotton, linen, …

DIY Synth Kit


Injecting fun and excitement around electronics, circuitry and coding, Technology Will Save Us offers DIY kits that teach you how to build a solar-powered moisture-sensor for your plants, a portable speaker from …

Matcha Starter Kit


Ippodo has been producing high-quality tea for almost three centuries in the heart of Kyoto, and Matcha is one of their specialties. You can learn the nuances of making it yourself with …

Luxury Wood Dugout Kit


Discreet and elegant, the Luxury Wood Dugout Kit by Denver’s Elevate Accessories brings subtle sophistication to smoking devices. The handcrafted, tritone wood dugout comes with built-in tobacco storage and an accompanying glass …

Japanese Teapot Set with Kaboku Sencha


Ippodo has been producing high-quality tea for almost three centuries in the heart of Kyoto. All of their teas come from Japan’s famous Uji region, and their sweetly flowery Kaboku Sencha tea …


Simple Fly Fishing Kit


There are many who will say that to introduce someone to fly fishing is to give them a gift for life. Patagonia’s SImple Fly Fishing Kit can get anyone started in the …

Water Tower Kit


One of the most visible and beloved fixtures of the NYC city skyline has been condensed for at-home enjoyment in a charming little kit. Kids ages 6+ and, we suspect, many adults, …

Ratchet Kit


Useful things come in small, yellow packages. Kiosk’s Ratchet Kit is one of those things—In a case less than six inches long you’ve got just about every bit you need to do …