Scratch & Grain Cookie Kit

An easy, helpful option for consistently making conventional and gluten-free cookies


Cookies may not be the most difficult thing you’ll bake this holiday season, but alleviate even more stress without turning to pre-made dough with Scratch & Grain‘s cookie kits. Complete with fool-proof, individually portioned ingredient packets—including organic golden flaxseed and organic whole wheat pastry flour or multi-blend gluten-free flour—and step by step instructions, all you need is a single egg and some butter. The regular and gluten-free kits are an easy way to ensure each batch turns out as perfect as the last. Both varieties are an enjoyable sweet treat, producing around 10 sizable, soft cookies—but like any cookie, they’re best eaten fresh.


For more information about the new gluten-free and regular cookies visit Scratch & Grain where each kit costs around $8.

Images by Graham Hiemstra