Giant Sequoia Bonsai Tree Kit

Everything you need, germination greenhouse included, to grow the mighty redwood


Just because Giant Sequoias are only native to California doesn’t mean you can’t grow them at home—from seeds. The Giant Sequoia Bonsai Tree Kit from Portland, Oregon-based Jason Watkins offers up everything needed to nurture an ornamental iteration of the beautiful tree. The handmade germanation greenhouse is composed of recyclable plastic and includes seeds, a soil pellet, drainage stones, fertilizer, instructions and more. All you need to cultivate your micro-forest is water and sunlight. That said, Watkins also recommends buyers take the time to view online tutorials, as the Sequoia can be tricky to grow in certain areas. For those with a green thumb, or desire one, the Giant Sequoia is a beautiful option that requires thought and care—but the results are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind. Plus the entirety of the clever packaging is recyclable.

You can purchase the Giant Seqouia Bonsai Tree Kit online for $7.

Images courtesy of Jason Watkins