A Photographic Journey of Ancient Arbor

For 14 years, photographer Beth Moon has journeyed to some of those most secluded landscapes to capture photographs of the world’s oldest trees. Whether they’re a few hundred or even a few thousand years old, the trees featured in Moon’s new book “Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time” are no doubt the world’s rarest. Check out a few of the photographer’s jaw-dropping images via The Atlantic.

Gotham at 7.5K Feet Up

There have been countless aerial images taken of New York City over the years, but nothing quite compares to what Vincent Laforet was able to capture in a recent helicopter ride. Hovering nearly 7,500 feet above the city, the Big Apple glows with energy as avenues are lit up like its very veins. Laforet admits that he was at first a bit afraid since helicopters …

Constructing Worlds: Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age

From the skyscrapers of NYC to a bridge over the Yangtze River, 18 photographers explore our relationship with manmade structures

In a new exhibition at London’s Barbican art gallery, the enduring and fascinating relationship between photography and architecture is explored through the works of 18 photographers. The images on display show a wide variety of manmade landscapes: the bright lights of newly built New York skyscrapers—seen from above—illuminate the night sky, creating one of the many iconic images that have come to cement the city’s …