TheGoodLife! + Asymbol Collection

A co-curated selection of inspiring outdoor photography


Ever-proud of their NYC roots, the creative community slash boutique agency that is TheGoodLife! knows well that without frequent adventures in the outdoors, life in the city wouldn’t seem so sweet. To connect the two worlds and highlight the work of some premier photographers working in both environments, TheGoodLife! recently teamed up with online art gallery Asymbol, offering a small selection of limited edition prints by Jimmy Chin, Cole Barash, Dean Blotto Gray and Laura Austin. Connected through a frozen moment, frigid landscape and stirring sense of isolation, the work of the four photographers captures a sense of exploration that’s worth more than a casual glance.

Visit Asymbol to view TheGoodLife! collection, featuring hand-signed prints ranging from $225 to $895.

Image by Dean Blotto Gray