When traveling, weak or over-loaded Wi-Fi signals in hotel or conference rooms can be aggravating. The pocket-sized Kanex MySpot transforms a single Ethernet connection into a wireless hotspot, allowing up to 16 different devices to be connected at once.

Cork Laptop Sleeve

Lightweight, durable and easily recyclable, cork goes well beyond simply stopping up bottles of wine to also serve as an eco-friendly way to protect electronic devices. Barcelona- and London-based Tapegear—known for their innovative use of alternative and sustainable materials—uses cork to create a truly organic laptop sleeve complete with custom color stitching.


Minimalist rear storage for Apple displays

One of the brilliant advantages about all-in-one desktop computing is the lack of cordage—unfortunately, those of us who prefer to work off of a notebook and attached display are left with a mess of wires. Previously, we posted about Henge Docks and have been working off of it happily for some time, although the precision of Henge can make that system a bit overkill. The …