MORE JOY Silk Eye Mask

Made from 100% silk, Christopher Kane’s black eye mask features the words “More Joy” in the same as the 1972 intimacy manual The Joy of Sex. Made by siblings Christopher and Tammy Kane, the mask is luxuriously soft and comfortable and adds an inspirational touch to your next nap.

Holiday Gift Guides 2020: Last Minute

All types of presents for all types of people, for those in a hurry

Whether it’s the holidays, a birthday or an anniversary, important dates seem to sneak up on us every year. Suddenly, the time to shop for gifts is slim and the opportunities to stress are bountiful. Time is of the essence right now and, more than shopping, we would like to encourage our readers to spend some moments (albeit virtually for many) with your favorite people …

Holiday Gift Guides 2019: Last Minute

All kinds of presents that will arrive in time

To stave off present-related panic as the holidays near, all of the products in our Last Minute gift guide offer super-fast shipping. Amidst the parties and packing for vacations or family gatherings—and the preparations for time away from school or work—it’s still possible to get all the necessary gifts. If your giving season extends beyond the traditional calendar dates, definitely look into our Gifts That …