Whimsy Travel: Adventure on a Budget

A new service that selects the cheapest and most in-season destinations


If returning to the same all-inclusive beach resort each year is your idea of the perfect holiday, then London-based travel startup Whimsy might not be for you. The newly minted web company prides itself on fostering exploration. The site utilizes an algorithm that combines cost savings with macro weather patterns—ensuring you don’t end up booking tickets to your dream destination only to find out later you’ll be arriving at the height of the rainy season. Instead, simply choose your home city and Whimsy does the rest by finding the cheapest flights to some of the more off-the beaten-path destinations, from Oman to Zanzibar to Ethiopia.


“For me travel is about getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing something new,” says founder Adriano Galardi. “When you travel for leisure, there is no point to what you’re doing apart from discovery so all your senses are on alert and your mind is able to truly take in what’s going on around you. Right now it’s the destination, price and photo that aim to entice the user, but we plan on bringing in an editorial section which I believe will really be the motivating element,” Galardi explains. “People tend to stick to what they know when it comes to travel or go to the popular destinations of the moment. We’re hoping to draw them away from that.”


The sleek user experience and ease of booking is a major draw in a world of mostly complicated travel sites. Where most sites offer highly tailored individual trips, Whimsy’s cost-based system means users will likely end up visiting locations that might not have previously been on their mind. “We’re offering a service that provides users with inspiration that they can buy,” Galardi says. “It’s really about uncovering attractive airfares and finding activities around these destinations that make them worth exploring.”

Whether you’ve got a few days or a month, getting lost in a new culture doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated thanks to Whimsy. Currently in beta mode with London as the home base (English winters are to thank for the site’s inception), expect new cities in the coming months as well as an editorial platform built into destinations.

Images courtesy of Whimsy