Neon Tube Light

Full of potential, HAY’s neon tube lights can be hung or leaned against a wall alone or along with others to create a dramatic, moody glow. Available in red, blue, yellow or warm white, each one measures 59.25 inches and features an in-line switch located on the 78.75-inch cable. Each 12-watt LED has an average life span of 6,000 hours—or 250 full days.

Artist Leo Villareal Lights Up San Francisco’s Bay Bridge Permanently

A long-term return of the beloved outdoor installation

We have been following light artist Leo Villareal‘s The Bay Lights exhibition since its announcement back in 2011. Villareal succeeded—magnificently—in setting San Francisco’s iconic Bay Bridge aglow in March 2013. The visceral, undulating art piece remained in place for two years. Now, The Bay Lights will return (on 30 January at 7:25PM PST) and they will remain on—at the request of the State of California—from …

“Light Recipes” are Creating Tastier Crops

Though they’re efficient at accelerating the growth of plants, fertilizers can produce unhealthy side effects. To avoid this, the GrowWise center—a Netherlands-based research lab—considers the other crucial aspect of photosynthesis: light. By playing with a mix of red and blue lights, the Philips-owned LED laboratory has found ways to drastically improve the quality of crops without having to add any artificial nutrients. “Light recipes” can …