“Light Recipes” are Creating Tastier Crops

Though they’re efficient at accelerating the growth of plants, fertilizers can produce unhealthy side effects. To avoid this, the GrowWise center—a Netherlands-based research lab—considers the other crucial aspect of photosynthesis: light. By playing with a mix of red and blue lights, the Philips-owned LED laboratory has found ways to drastically improve the quality of crops without having to add any artificial nutrients. “Light recipes” can …

The Ricky Bag with Light

Ralph Lauren brings their classic Ricky Bag into the future with the addition of four discreet LED lights (which activate when it’s opened) and an integrated USB port to charge your phone on the go. This bag, and its Bentley-like features, are the epitome of modern luxury.

Craig Dorety: Division

Light animation sculptures inspired by ocular migraines that examine our visual limits

Opening on Saturday, 19 April 2014 at Oakland’s Johansson Projects is an exhibition of hypnotic sculpture animations that will have your eyes watering—after you realize you haven’t blinked in a few minutes. In “Division,” San Francisco-based artist Craig Dorety is examining visual limits and perception, bringing our own neurological shortcomings to our attention. Dorety isn’t a typical visual artist; he chose to study mechanical engineering …