World of Bugs

Laser Peg's newest toy lets you construct your favorite creepy crawly from LED lights


Adding a “World of Bugs” to their repertoire of lighted construction sets, Laser Pegs continues to entice children with their LED-powered educational toys. With one peg grounded to a power source (either batteries or an AC/DC power adapter), kids seven years and up can create a host of insects using the kit’s supply of low voltage connectors.

laserpegs2.jpg laserpegs3.jpg

While kids are encouraged to use their imagination, the “World of Bugs” kit comes with a set of “factoids” for building accurate renditions. An award winning toy company, Laser Pegs teaches important lessons on electric currents and construction for a cognitive learning experience that will spawn the next generation of D.I.Y. developers.

World of Bugs” will sell for $60 beginning May 2011 from Laser Pegs, where you can find a wide assortment of other models and kits.