Skating to Equality With Artist Jeffrey Cheung

At LA's New Image Art, two concurrent shows highlight art from the QTPOC community

Artist and skater Jeffrey Cheung is defining a new era for skateboarding, pushing the culture to be more colorful and diverse. As a co-founder of Unity Press & Skateboarding, Cheung is creating a zone to represent and support queer skaters—and he has been thriving at this mission. Unity is Oakland-based but Cheung and co-founder Gabriel Ramirez have brought their vibe to West Hollywood’s New Image Art, presenting Pave—a …

King Princess: Pussy is God

With equal parts sweetness and swagger, King Princess (aka Mikaela Straus) has crafted an incredibly satisfying and infectious bop with “Pussy is God.” The singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer’s new track is glittery and polished, with plenty of synths and boom-bap percussion, but shies away from becoming overly saccharine or twee. It’s a delightfully catchy, perky pop song celebrating queer love.

What the Lobster Emoji Means to the Transgender Community

The recent iPhone update included several additions to the emoji keyboard, from ball of wool to an abacus and a pirate flag. Still conspicuously missing—despite it being requested over and over—is the transgender flag. In response, the trans community has decided to use the lobster claw emoji (which was part of the updated) until they get the representation they deserve. Activist and author Charlie Craggs, who …