How Curve Magazine Fostered The Past and Future of Lesbian Culture

In 1990, Franco Stevens used the money she made from betting on horse races to found Curve Magazine (previously titled Deneuve), a publication intended to help queer women feel less alone. The publication would go on to become one of the most successful lesbian magazines in the world with its first issue selling out in six days. Since then Curve has expanded into a foundation that empowers women, transgender people and non-binary individuals, and released a documentary called Ahead of the Curve, which documents the journal’s impact in shaping lesbian culture—including the rising awareness of marginalization of queer women of color. From how difficult it was to find and connect with queer women before the internet to laws banning queer education in schools today, Stevens reflects on the past, present and future of lesbian culture in an interview published by them. Read more there.

Image courtesy of Barak Shrama