Twin Peaks-themed video by Chromatics, Elton John classics get new visuals and more in our musical round-up

Magnus The Magnus feat. Seinabo Sey: Keep on Lovin’ Composer/producer Magnus The Magnus (aka Magnus Lidehäll) teamed up with fellow Swede Seinabo Sey for “Keep On Lovin’” and it’s an unexpected, dynamically-layered track. Sey’s lush vocals morph into a chopped-up and pitch-altered version—which hints at her natural, soulful voice in brief glimpses. A bit of a deep cut, the song proves Sey and Lidehäll’s partnership …

Lion Babe: Hit the Ceiling

With a summertime swagger and brightness, Lion Babe’s latest—”Hit the Ceiling“—is about staying up and being involved. Singer Jillian Harvey’s soulful vocals emphatically soar while producer Astrow Raw brings nothing but positive vibes. This is their second non-album single of the year, with more hopefully on the horizon.


A retro-tinged tune by Lion Babe, new video by Stormzy and more in our weekly round-up

Lion Babe feat. Moe Moks: Rockets Lion Babe (aka Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman) have teamed up with Moe Moks in order to add some Caribbean vibes to their cruise-y, ’70s-tinged tune “Rockets.” With lyrics that name check Chaka Khan, Cleopatra, NASA and more, the song is heavy on the flute riffs and glittery, jazzy percussion. This is the first track from their upcoming EP, …