Bento Lip Balm + Scrub

This clever two-in-one lip kit from Kaja (meaning “let’s go” in Korean) comprises a strawberry-scented and flavored scrub with a flavor-free lip balm. Unscrew the bottom to use the gentle scrub, and flip the cap to reveal the creamy balm—which also provides a subtle gloss. With the aid of grape seed oil, strawberry extract, vitamin E and olive squalane, lips feel super-smooth and nourished after …

CBD Lip Balm

From High Falls Hemp, this CBD-infused lip balm is creamy but never feels tacky, sticky or greasy. Their NY-grown, full-spectrum CBD blends with natural beeswax for the formula; as well as coconut oil, sweet almond oil and essential oil of spearmint for plenty more nourishment. The rich formula also helps to reduce inflammation in damaged lips.

Winter Skin + Hair Essentials

Scrubs, serums, potions and lotions that combat the effects of cold weather

Between the icy, harsh wind outside and the drying effects of heating indoors, winter weather can wreak havoc on skin and hair—resulting in irritation, inflammation, itchiness, dullness, weakness and beyond. While plenty of these issues can be aided with improving one’s diet and hydration inside the body, there are also countless products that can help buff, puff, nourish and soothe on the outside. Here we …