Stewart & Claire Cocktail-Inspired Lip Balms

A new collection takes indulgent (non-alcoholic) notes from Manhattan's Death & Co


After working for eight years as a food editor at Food & Wine magazine, Kristin Donnelly manifested her longstanding love of blending ingredients by making unisex lip balms from natural ingredients with no artificial flavorings or fragrances—or pastel colors and glitter, for that matter. Founding Stewart & Claire with her husband, Donnelly—who compares the process to mixing a well-crafted cocktail—the two develop concoctions that feature ingredients like hemp oil, mango butter, jojoba oil, peru basalm, bitter orange, even black pepper.

Their affection for cocktails is a running theme, in fact, as Stewart & Claire boasts a balm called the Old Fashioned. Taking it one step further is their Death & Co collection, with three lip balms inspired by the famed East Village bar’s cocktail book and created with input from the bar’s founder and owner, David Kaplan. There isn’t a drop of alcohol in Boozy, Citrusy or Smoky, but the layered, subdued scents will transport you to a dark, curtained-off bar counter—if only for a brief indulgent moment—before you get back to work.

Pick up the three-piece Death & Co collection for $24 from Stewart & Claire online.

Images by Cool Hunting