Four Treasures of the Sky

Jenny Tinghui Zhang’s debut novel Four Treasures of the Sky is a surreal epic underpinned by Chinese folklore and American history. It follows the journey of heroine Daiyu who is kidnapped and smuggled from China to the US, where the Chinese Exclusion Act is taking hold. From a brothel in San Francisco to the mountains of Idaho, the story traces Daiyu’s journey to survive an …

Author Clock’s Whimsical Design Interweaves Time + Literature

Part clock and part literary archive, this fiction-infused product rethinks how time is told

Checking the time throughout the day isn’t often fun or memorable, yet the Author Clock—launching today on Kickstarter—is designed to change that. Using literary quotes that mention a specific time, this charming clock conveys each minute within the day. These quotes, sourced from over a thousand books across six centuries, deliver the hour while conjuring famed fictional worlds—from Virginia Woolf to William Shakespeare—turning temporality into …

Lone Wolf Magazine Subscription

The unvoncentional biannual fashion magazine Lone Wolf presents a beautiful narrative that’s both fierce, lovely and supremely feminine. The latest issue pays homage to Parisian culture of the 1920s and ’30s, with profiles on a prima ballerina and illustrious artist of the time. The magazine’s refreshing approach leans more toward stories than shopping.