Marchi Architects’ Woodhouse 2.0 for Long Island

With a radial footprint, Woodhouse 2.0, by Paris-based design studio Marchi Architects, coils into the forested topography of New York’s Long Island. The residential proposal employs timber and texture materials to lend warmth within. The open-concept design, undisturbed circulation and ample window space embrace natural light, a hidden central courtyard and the woods outside, too. See more images at designboom.

Terra Glamping Spoils Guests With Natural Splendor

From kayaking to water views, this semi-permanent site in the Hamptons has it all

For many people, the Hamptons bring to mind multimillion-dollar beachside properties and restaurants with queues that stretch further than the sand itself. But 20 minutes off Route 27, down a windy and tree-hugged road, Terra Glamping offsets the glitz of the more popular stretches of the eastern end of Long Island. Established in 2014 by Rebecca Martin and David Levine (a 20-year veteran of event-planning …

Word of Mouth: Shelter Island

A verdant respite with plenty of creature comforts above the Hamptons

As some NYC residents vacate the boroughs for summertime escapes, Shelter Island provides a setting of resplendent beauty, quiet isolation and thoughtful adventure. The island’s motto “life between the ferries” nods to the fact that it’s only accessible by car-carrying boats—one of which comes from Shelter’s southern neighbor, Sag Harbor and the other, from the North Fork’s Greenport. Shelter Island’s separation from its social southern …