T-Shirt Waste Loom

LikeMindedObjects collaborated with Francesca Capone to create a loom kit that includes not only the loom but a book and video to guide users through the DIY process. Using the loom, it’s possible to take waste fabrics and create 18 by 18-inch tiles that can then be sewn together to create blankets, pillows, upholstery and garments. Created as a response to the fact that the …

Lil Loom Kit

Ideal for those starting out with looming or who don’t want to commit to a massive project, WE GATHER sells this Lil Loom Kit. Along with a pre-threaded frame (measuring three by three inches), the set includes six different colored yarns, a weaving needle and illustrated instructions. The craft-centered brand also offers the slightly larger Simple Loom Kit, and the even bigger Frame Loom Kit.

Faustine Steinmetz’s Copper Woven, Bendable Fashion

The self-taught weaver reveals her inspiration and process

Three seasons ago, French designer Faustine Steinmetz started her eponymous label after buying a loom on a whim. Through reading old books bought on Amazon and watching YouTube tutorials, London-based Steinmetz taught herself how to weave and began creating the pieces that have lately captured the attention of London’s fashion insiders. Steinmetz uses her (now multiple) looms to make luxurious, handmade versions of ubiquitous everyday …