Mungo Retail

Blankets and towels made in South Africa and crafted on antique 19th century Hattersley looms


In what Mungo Retail refers to as their Working Weaving Museum—housed in the seaside town of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, the historical homestead of Old Nick Village—the brand has been designing, weaving and crafting a wide range of homewares goods since 1998. There, high-quality towels and table linens, bedding, face cloths and apparel are envisioned and ethically crafted from fabric they produce in-house. These products also happen to be beautiful; often displaying vibrant colors and lovely textures.

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After a five-year apprenticeship in the Weaving Mills of Yorkshire UK during the ’70s, Stuart Holding took a ship to South Africa, where weavers were in high demand. A craft revolution had been initiated and Holding not only built a loom, but also began teaching. As his client base grew, what began as a co-venture with his wife turned into a facility employing locals and the acquisition of a historic property. The quality of his work never wavered. Although other opportunities appeared, Holding would ultimately commit to his own brand and Mungo Design was born. Holding explains that he ideates first, seeking to compliment his existing range of products. From hand-drawn imagery, a sample is then woven on Mungo’s 100-year-old power looms. When tested and perfected, they go into production in a boutique mill on modern Dornier looms. The end result is always usable and durable, while undeniably good looking.

The full range of Mungo products is available at their historic store on Garden Route at Old Nick Village, three kilometers east of Plettenberg Bay on the N2 in South Africa or online, where they’ll even make out of stock products if interest is garnered. Prices range from R39.00 to R1891.00, with global shipping offered.

Images courtesy of Mungo