Seven Tools for the Advanced Traveler

From chargers and bags to a virtual assistant for ease and comfort

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For those frequently on the go, two factors weigh in heavily regarding the timeliness of travel. First, space-saving items make for minimizing all that baggage. Second, certain services and products lend an extra edge. The following seven selections reflect values we find of importance when on the road—whether for work or pleasure. Whether it’s a slender power source, a virtual assistant or American Express Platinum’s …

RIMOWA’s Electronic Luggage Tag for Advanced Check-in

Taking baggage preparedness to the next level

Thanks to a packed airline app market, advanced check-ins (plus last minute seat changes and even upgrade awareness) have never been easier. That said, anyone traveling with a checked bag still has to visit a counter. This September, Germany’s aluminum and polycarbonate luggage manufacturers RIMOWA and Star Alliance airline Lufthansa proposed a solution: electronic luggage tags built right into a suitcase, featuring a data module …

Leather Luggage Tag

Upgrade your luggage game with the help of the understated Tanner Goods Luggage Tag. The simple blonde leather tag buckles on with minimal brass hardware and weathers to a lovely caramel color with age, and frequent travel.