Seven Tools for the Advanced Traveler

From chargers and bags to a virtual assistant for ease and comfort

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For those frequently on the go, two factors weigh in heavily regarding the timeliness of travel. First, space-saving items make for minimizing all that baggage. Second, certain services and products lend an extra edge. The following seven selections reflect values we find of importance when on the road—whether for work or pleasure. Whether it’s a slender power source, a virtual assistant or American Express Platinum’s Centurion Lounges, these have helped us along the way.

This is Ground Tech Dopp Kit

The best way to avoid tech tangles is to have a pouch dedicated to cords, cables and smaller devices. That’s exactly what This is Ground provides with their Tech Dopp Kit ($199). It offers space enough for iDevices and large over-the-ear headphones, while offering dedicated spaces for a series of wires. Handmade in LA, the heritage leather product zips up to make sure nothing shifts in flight.

Askov Finlayson Travel Bag

Plenty of travel bags have grabbed our attention in the past few months, but there’s something unique about Askov Finlayson’s Prairie Boot Bag ($260) made in collaboration with Frost River. From its water resistant waxed canvas durability to the leather and brass design flourishes, it’s beautiful and functional. It also sports a zipper enclosed boot pocket for separating out anything you don’t want in direct contact with your other items. Altogether, it’s a weekender built to last.

Mophie Powerstation 2X

So sleek that it almost resembles an iPhone itself (though, perhaps the original), Mophie’s new Powerstation 2X ($60) external battery is the slimmest of its kind on the market. It’s not always easy to find an outlet when on the fly, and this device lends mobile phones two full charges. The size to power ration here makes it most alluring.

Tumi Electric Power Adapter

Of all the international power adapters on the market, we are still taken by Tumi’s Electric Adaptor ($50). Of greatest importance is the fact that it works in over 150 different countries. Second to that, its design lends it a refined look, while enabling the easy functionality. It also comes with its own zip case, which protects it from getting banged up in bags.

Pana Virtual Travel Assistant

For those who book their own travel, a virtual assistant like the Pana app (free) can definitely cut the edge. Yes, the app itself is intelligent and aware, but there’s also a team of live experts on the other end. This means questions are resolved within seconds. And in personalizing one’s profile, the app can recommend and lock down more than just flights, but also restaurants, hotels and other travel services.

Mack Weldon Sweatpants

Long gone are the days of glamour in the air; passengers now favor comfort over style. While we can’t bring ourselves to actually walk throught he airport in sweats, changing in to them after boarding a long-haul flight has been a ritual of ours for ages. Mack Weldon has found a happy medium. Their super soft French Terry Sweatpants are 95% cotton, but have 5% stretch—helpful when shifting in one’s seat. And the refined, slimmer cut of the pants also means they ‘re more chic than they are shabby.

American Express The Centurion Lounges

A network of travel retreats, The Centurion Lounges by American Express provide a quiet hub to relax, refresh and recharge. Available for Platinum card members, each of the six spots nationwide play host to everything from conference spaces and computer labs to premiums bars and seasonal cuisine. Of course, there are shower suites, but there’s also extensive shared space for sprawling out or using the free high-speed wi-fi. There are even seasonal events hosted within, like this year’s AMEX Cheer—a week long series of surprise anti-stress moments from haute chocolate tastings to complimentary gift wrapping and even surprise performances by comedian Joel McHale.

Images courtesy of respective brands