RIMOWA’s Electronic Luggage Tag for Advanced Check-in

Taking baggage preparedness to the next level

Thanks to a packed airline app market, advanced check-ins (plus last minute seat changes and even upgrade awareness) have never been easier. That said, anyone traveling with a checked bag still has to visit a counter. This September, Germany’s aluminum and polycarbonate luggage manufacturers RIMOWA and Star Alliance airline Lufthansa proposed a solution: electronic luggage tags built right into a suitcase, featuring a data module powered by E Ink® Mobius display.

In essence, when a user checks in via their Lufthansa app, they can also check a bag and sync their electronic tags via Bluetooth—which correspond directly to what the air carrier prints on their paper luggage tickets (including the EU customs stripe). It’s the first time such a technology has been proposed, and will be an exclusive partnership between the two brands. 3.5 billion people are expected to travel by plane in 2016; electronic tags might just save everyone a little bit of time (and paper).

Sales of the new RIMOWA suitcases with electronic tags, in partnership with Lufthansa, are expected to commence in early 2016 at RIMOWA stores.

Images courtesy of RIMOWA