Interview: Waldan Watches President, Andrew Waldan

"These watches are only the beginning," he says of the American-made line he launched to commemorate his father's legacy

Oscar Waldan, the namesake behind Waldan Watches, was a Polish watchmaker trained by a man named Manek, a fellow prisoner at the Buchenwald Concentration Camp during WWII. Oscar, in between apprenticing for Manek, endured unthinkable conditions and torture under the Nazis, until liberated, when he fled to Switzerland. While there, he furthered his passion for watchmaking and maintenance, and formulated a plan to relocate to …

NOMOS Glashütte’s Design-Driven Watches

Timepieces designed in Berlin and produced by hand in the historic watchmaking town of Glashütte

Presented in partnership with NOMOS

German watch brand NOMOS Glashütte straddles two worlds: contemporary industrial design at its in-house, Kreuzberg studio, Berlinerblau, and meticulous production in Glashütte, the historic birthplace of German watchmaking. No other watchmaker bridges these realms in the same way. The bond between the Saxon artisans and the Berlin-based designers creates distinctive timepieces that beat with a heart of heritage, as well as being stylish enough to wear in …

Montblanc’s Vasco da Gama-Inspired Timepiece Collection

Exploring the pieces with Director of Watches, Alexander Schmiedt

Inspiration strikes in many ways, but for an explorer at heart, there’s nothing quite like hearing the tales of early adventurers. This can certainly be said of the tales surrounding Vasco da Gama, who sailed from Lisbon in 1497 and found the first southern seaway to India. He also did so with the most rudimentary tools—guided primarily by the stars. While there’s nothing rudimentary about …