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Junior High

Issue 010 Fridge Magnets


Designed by Nicole Whitted for Junior High, this set of magnets features 75 words and 19 blanks for making statements, writing poems or leaving messages. A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Junior High exists …

Link Tech
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The Accidental Liquid Magnet

The first-ever permanent liquid magnet was made accidentally by scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at the University of California. “For me, it sort of represents a sort of new state …


Gold Speks


Made from rare-earth magnets, Speks (available in over two dozen colors and two different quantities) are neodymium balls that can be squished, shaped and stacked in endless ways. This set comes complete …

Tie Mags


Traditionally, to prevent a tie from flip-flopping all over the place, tie clips required, poking holes in the accessory, while tie bars clamp down quite hard and still leave a mark. Now, …

Magnets The Game


We’ve all been mesmerized by magnets since childhood. Now, a new game utilizes a handful of tiny ones and a ring-like “playing field.” Users toss a magnet into the space, and when …

Designer Mod


Designers—or, really, anyone who uses a variety of gadgets and doodads throughout the day—will live a life of stylish organization once the Mod by This is Ground lands in their hands. The …