Tegu’s Future Set: Magnetron Solar Station

Whimsical magnet and hardwood building blocks in the brand's first themed set


Truly meant for children of all ages, Tegu’s range of hardwood toys equally encourage imagination and architectural exploration in adults who aren’t afraid to sit down and build something fun. Their newly released, first-ever themed line of magnetized building blocks, Future Set: Magnetron Solar System, includes an assortment of interstellar blocks, solar panels, multipurpose wheels and even a “charging plug.” As with their other products, like the Tegu Tints, each is constructed from sustainably sourced FSC-certified Honduran hardwoods with an embedded magnet, and illustrated with non-toxic, water-based lacquers. A latent charm encourages creativity and their want to stick together makes for adventurous assembling.

Founded by brothers Chris and Will Haughey in 2006, Tegu’s Tegucigalpas, Honduras workshop works with local cooperatives to hand-pick their source material. These wooden blocks draw inspiration from their old European predecessors, and yet there’s more than a touch of modern magic—especially since the Magnetron Solar System aims for the cosmos.

Purchase the Magnetron Solar System set online for $90.

Images courtesy of Tegu