Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Converting salt water to drinking water, recycling face masks in concrete, an exhibition of abortion stories and more from around the web

Researchers Uncover a Fragment of the Asteroid That May Have Killed Off Dinosaurs Paleontologists discovered a tiny fragment that may have been from the asteroid that hit Earth 66 million years ago and killed off the dinosaurs, as revealed in a new documentary Dinosaur Apocalypse. Found in the Tanis fossil site in North Dakota, the fragment was preserved in amber after landing in tree resin upon …

“Danger!” Sleeping Mask

From Intoart, a Peckham-based collective of artists and designers with learning disabilities, this sleep mask was created by Andre Williams. The soft velvet fabric features vibrant orange and pink letters spelling out “Danger!” (perhaps a warning not to wake the snoozer). With a satin headband, this playful accessory measures 20 by 10cm. Price is in Pounds.

Face Masks Can Be Recycled to Create Stronger Concrete

New research published in Materials Letters announced that scientists at Washington State University found a way to recycle face masks by incorporating them into concrete, creating a more durable material that is 50% stronger than the standard. As face masks generate plastic pollution and concrete engenders a carbon-intensive process, the study not only improves concrete’s design, it also addresses two sustainability issues. Researchers found that …