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Ceremonial-Grade Matsu Matcha Tasting Set


From Kyoto-based Matchaeologist comes a new ceremonial-grade matcha tasting set incorporating one of three different blends: Misaki, Matsu, and Meiko. This very collection has repeatedly won the highest award from Japan’s Ministry …

Mint Matcha


As matcha enthusiasts, we’re certainly partial to a traditionally brewed green tea, but understand that there isn’t always time for the full ceremony. Of all the bottled iterations we’ve tried, there’s no …

Instant Matcha


Anyone who has made their own matcha knows the ritual of its preparation is partially about ceremony, but largely about achieving the optimal consistency. Whisking the bright green powder into a bowl …

Kan-no-shiro Matcha Powder


More than just a tea shop, Kyoto-based retailer Ippodo Tea Co. has specialized in the cultivation and blending of matcha, sencha and other Japanese teas for nearly three centuries. Their Kan-no-shiro 40g …

Matcha Starter Kit


Ippodo has been producing high-quality tea for almost three centuries in the heart of Kyoto, and Matcha is one of their specialties. You can learn the nuances of making it yourself with …

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Kyoto-based and three centuries old, the store brings premium green tea (and a limited edition spring matcha) to NYC