House of Matcha

Ceremonial-grade Japanese green tea at its freshest, brought from Kyoto in air-sealed cans

Stephen Cheuk, the designer-turned-trainer and founder of intimate NYC gym S10 Training has another obsession alongside helping clients reach sub-10% body fat (without the use of cardio machines). It’s high-quality, ceremonial-grade matcha. Well aware of the finely ground green tea’s health benefits, Cheuk is a longtime enthusiast who remembers how hard it was to buy in NYC years ago—so he would have friends in Japan send it over. “Matcha has started to become so trendy in America but everyone sells such a low-grade and most completely ruin the process of making it, which really annoys me,” Cheuk tells CH. Fed up with the quality of stateside offerings, he set out with two of his friends to bring better matcha to NYC.

That result is House of Matcha, an effort at sourcing the best matcha. They visited farms in Taiwan then Uji, Kyoto until settling on one there that’s been growing tea for 11 generations. And not to forget Cheuk’s design background: the vibrant, impeccable packaging reflects the freshness within. He conceptualized the logo and branding, then partner Keane Tan worked with Melbourne-based Davis Studios to finalize. Pop open the air-sealed containers, and you’re ready to whisk up a thick koicha.

There are currently three different matcha blends on offer—including a unique cold brew formulation—with prices starting at $39; available online from House of Matcha. Cheuk likes to drink matcha an hour or two before training for sustained energy and focus, or toss it in juices and smoothies as a boost.

Images courtesy of House of Matcha