Best of CH 2022: Interviews

10 thought-provoking discussions from the year

Stimulating conversations spark new ideas, open eyes to new ways of being, teach us to be better listeners, challenge us, and connect us to one another. It’s for these reasons that we speak with individuals that inspire us, uncovering and sharing the methodology, motivations and some of the magic behind their work. Be it emerging designers, acclaimed artists, musicians or chefs, there is endless insight …

Ensamble Mezcal

Made just outside San Dionisio, Oaxaca from a blend of two different types of agave—Espadin and Cuishe—Madre’s Ensamble mezcal is crafted using the traditional Zapotec technique. A little smoky, this mezcal contains herbal notes and a mineral-forward flavor. Sip it neat or use it in a mezcal margarita or negroni.

Oaxacan Culture, Heritage and Ancestral Wisdom Imbue Agua Mágica

An ultra-premium mezcal born from a chance encounter

Just over two years ago, a chance encounter at a gas station in Mitla (located about an hour from Oaxaca de Juárez) between Rogelio Juan Hernandez and Rafael Shin led to the creation of Agua Mágica, an ultra-premium mezcal underpinned by tradition and Oaxacan culture. The bright, smooth, gently smoky elixir is perfect for sipping, and its entire process is imbued with folklore, poetry, romance, ancestral …