Inked Tattoo Balm

The first couple of days after getting a tattoo are make or break for the longterm healing of a new piece. While Aquaphor—the most common balm used to keep freshly inked skin protected, is a great option—SkinFix has a contender that adds nourishing ingredients to promote optimal healing. Tattoo Balm includes orange peel, shea butter,  jojoba, coconut and sunflower oils in a paraben-free formula that’s both …

Herb Essentials

Minimally packaged, this new line advances the lesser-known skincare benefits of cannabis oil

Cannabis-based skincare isn’t new, but there’s something special about the body lotion that’s been sitting atop our bathroom sink for the past few weeks. The simple black-and-white minimalist branding on the bottle sets it apart from what you might typically find at the health food store, and it’s something you’d want to leave out for guests to use—including your mother, who might not even realize …

Brightening Transformation Kit

With three excellent products that will have your skin glowing, Dr Goldfaden’s limited edition Brightening Transformation Kit offers visible results. Including the refreshing Doctor’s Scrub, and our favorite, the Bright Eyes serum which reduces dark circles and puffiness, the collection of potions feel luxurious to use and don’t smell overwhelming—thanks to their natural ingredients.