Herb Essentials

Minimally packaged, this new line advances the lesser-known skincare benefits of cannabis oil

Cannabis-based skincare isn’t new, but there’s something special about the body lotion that’s been sitting atop our bathroom sink for the past few weeks. The simple black-and-white minimalist branding on the bottle sets it apart from what you might typically find at the health food store, and it’s something you’d want to leave out for guests to use—including your mother, who might not even realize she’s reaping the unique skin-balancing properties of cannabis sativa seed oil. NYC-based Herb Essentials makes their four unisex products in LA (lip balm, face moisturizer, body lotion and scented candle), with great care in using organic ingredients to further spread the word about the lesser-known skincare benefits of weed.

“That question, ‘Will it get me high?’, is the most frequently asked question,”

Ulrika Karlberg—who founded the line along with her husband—tells CH. “We use a non-psychoactive derivative of cannabis called cannabis sativa seed oil. The fascinating thing about cannabis sativa seed oil is that it stimulates your skin’s natural ability to keep itself both protected and hydrated. So, instead of emulating or adding a layer of protection or hydration, it triggers your skin to take care of itself. Products infused with THC, however, are mostly used for muscle-relaxing and to soothe joint pain among other things, but it’s not very well-documented what it actually does for your skin in terms of skincare.” The body lotion, with just the faintest whiff of something herbal, dries extremely quickly while leaving a protective barrier behind—ideal for people who can’t handle the messiness or heaviness of oils.

Shop Herb Essentials’ four-piece collection online or at stockists like Colette.

Images courtesy of Herb Essentials