Premiere: “Water is Life” by Holly Miranda

A collaborative track, born from years of charity and protest performances, with proceeds going to Project Zero

With 100% off the proceeds from Bandcamp going to the science-backed ocean conservation and protection non-profit, Project Zero, singer-songwriter Holly Miranda’s “Water is Life” does more than burst forth from speakers. The jam-bandy, chant-channeling track—born of collaboration, protest and performance—aims to do good for the world on many levels. Its message is one worthing singing out. “This song was written in 2016 during a charity event …

Producer Photay’s New, Ethereal Album Based on Captured Audio

The 13-track album transforms hold music and spotlights the "magic within the mundane"

By producer Photay (aka Evan Shornstein), the 13-track album On Hold—out on streaming and vinyl via Mexican Summer on 5 March—highlights the “richness in the mundane,” the artist explains. While touring in 2018, Shornstein spent just over a month recording snippets of surprisingly beautiful hold music during his downtime between sets—in airports, hotel rooms and over a friend’s shoulder while they called to report credit …

Celia Hollander: 5:59PM

LA-based multidisciplinary artist Celia Hollander works within various mediums (from performance to installation and text) and her ambient track “5:59PM” teases to a forthcoming debut album Timekeeper. Blending elements of electro and acoustic, the otherworldly soundscape takes listeners on a tranquil trip.