FAO Classic Guitar

With six color-coded strings that allow kids (three and up) to learn about rhythm, practice songs, create original melodies and play around with sounds, this little guitar features cheerful, stylish motifs, too. Though it stands at just under 22 inches tall, it’s a proper instrument that sounds just like those made for adults.

Loog Guitars’ Electric Instruments For All Ages

More than a toy but a range of instructional tools with an AR app, games and built-in amplifier

Instruments can be particularly difficult to master at an older age—especially without previous experience from earlier formative years. Loog Guitars, having recognized this, designs guitars for kids—age 3+ to 12+—that are entertaining, easy to learn and good-looking. Their newest line of  electric guitars with built-in amplifiers is available to back on Kickstarter now. “We started out making three-string guitars, so for us innovation was never about …

Roland Kiyola Piano

Equal parts luxuriant oak furniture and technically-advanced musical keyboard, the Roland Kiyola Piano is a MoMA Design Store exclusive. Handcrafted in Japan by furniture-maker Karimoku, the minimalist instrument features unique grain patterns, with 88 keys crafted from a wood and plastic hybrid structure. In contrast to most other digital pianos (which employ sampling/pre-recorded sounds from other pianos), this particular machine employs Roland’s heartier piano modeling, …