Holiday Gift Guides 2022: Bookworms

From novels to teen fiction, design books, zines and more, presents for people in your life who love to read

From enthralling novels to inspiring design books, tender bedtime stories, volumes of poetry and beyond, there’s nothing as alluring as a good book. Whether you’re looking for magical realism or a memoir, a book of art, travel guides, zines or a tote bag to carry them all, our Bookworms gift guide has it all. Within, there are countless worlds to explore for the people in …

Now Go: On Grief and Studio Ghibli

In Now Go: On Grief and Studio Ghibli, author Karl Thomas Smith combs through the characters and animations of the Studio Ghibli universe to uncover how grief underpins the joyful, comforting films. The 13th issue in independent publisher 404 Ink’s pocket-sized books series, Inklings, the book of essays explores how Studio Ghibli navigates grief (be it small, personal or environmental) and how this depiction reflects …

Sacred Knowledge: Psychedelics and Religious Experiences

The first well-documented account of the benefits of psychedelics, Sacred Knowledge: Psychedelics and Religious Experiences by William Richards traces three decades of research to explain how hallucinatory drugs, when used correctly, can enhance wellbeing, mental health, spirituality and life in general. His in-depth book serves as a fascinating resource for the curious, well-initiated or anyone looking to understand past experiences they’ve had.