Röyksopp On Their Most Ambitious Project Yet, “Profound Mysteries II”

The prolific electronic music duo on their upcoming album and the importance of imagination

Wherever Norwegian electronic music duo Röyksopp goes, curiosity often follows. Since releasing their debut breakout album Melody A.M. in 2001 (which received critical acclaim for its unique amalgam of downtempo, ambient and synth-pop sounds), the duo consisting of Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland has continued to evolve and iterate throughout the four studio albums that followed—that is until their fifth album, The Inevitable End, acted as …

Db Equipment Ski and Snowboard Bags

This research-backed Norwegian luggage brand puts design first

Despite all the advancements in ski and snowboard technology over the years, there’s been little progress in how we travel with this often cumbersome gear. The experience of lugging ski and snowboard gear around the world will never be easy, but Oslo’s Db Equipment is making it a lot less painful. Founded in 2009 during a chance meeting between pro skier Jon Olsson and then …

Two-Way Sunglasses

Led by design above all else, eyewear label Kaibosh was founded by Helge Flo and Michelle Rowley to make buying glasses more fun. Their collaborative “Twoway” sunglasses with Norwegian fashion label HAiK can be reversed thanks to a special 180°-turning hinge, for those who want to travel light or just get as much wear as possible out of one pair of sunglasses.