Db Equipment Ski and Snowboard Bags

This research-backed Norwegian luggage brand puts design first

Despite all the advancements in ski and snowboard technology over the years, there’s been little progress in how we travel with this often cumbersome gear. The experience of lugging ski and snowboard gear around the world will never be easy, but Oslo’s Db Equipment is making it a lot less painful. Founded in 2009 during a chance meeting between pro skier Jon Olsson and then product development student Truls Brataas in the chilly waters of western Norway, Db Equipment developed its products through a lengthy research process involving interviews with over 150 athletes about their gear-hauling woes. The result is an industry standard-changing carrying system designed to be as lightweight, adjustable and protective as possible.

Originally branded as Douchebags (the tongue-in-cheek result of a naming contest), the newly minted Db Equipment is now looking to expand in the North American market with its ever-growing offering of sleek carrying solutions. While the eponymous length-adjusting Douchebag roller (which fits: a pair of skis, poles, boots, helmet and apparel; or two pairs of skis and apparel; or a snowboard, boots, helmet and apparel; or two snowboards, boots and apparel) is what put this brand on the map, their daypacks bring the same level of design-thinking and innovative use of materials into an everyday urban workhorse pack.

Images courtesy of Db Equipment