Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Celebrating trans love, the return of a design icon, maps from the mind, ancient inventions gain new life and more

GLAAD’s #TransLoveStories Portraits for Transgender Day of Visibility 31 March marked the 10th annual Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV), observed worldwide to celebrate trans people everywhere. Representation is vital, always, and especially when it portrays trans individuals finding and sharing love. To honor the occasion, GLAAD is highlighting relationships in the trans community through their #TransLoveStories campaign. NYC-based photographer Landyn Pan captured tender moments through …

The Cut’s Guide to Taking Nudes

From tapping into the power of natural light to embracing spontaneity (instead of overtly staged works), The Cut’s five-step guide to taking a naked photograph aims to empower adults stuck inside and perhaps away from their consenting sexual partner/s. Whether or not one has a full-length mirror, the publication offers tips and tricks—make use of a bed or bathtub—that enhance the power of mood and …

Ren Hang

The Chinese photographer's first internally published photo book

An artist at the forefront of gender inclusiveness, Chinese photographer Ren Hang’s work is full of nudity, but is somehow not entirely sexual. Certainly NSFW, his work is controversial in his homeland, but embraced elsewhere, and it’s completely compelling albeit at times shocking or surprising. Edited by the legendary Dian Hanson, this book is an essential for any photography or Chinese art enthusiast.