Mom’s Hot Chili Sauce

From Beaverton, Oregon’s beloved family-owned Vietnamese restaurant Tân Tân Café & Delicatessen comes their coveted Mom’s Hot Chili Sauce which stems from the matriarch’s own recipe. The punchy sauce gets its kick from habanero and red chili peppers, before giving way to earthy aromatic notes of lemongrass, garlic and ginger. A touch of molasses provides sweetness, rounding out the potent, complex condiment.

The Nation’s First Large-Scale Wind, Solar and Battery Facility in Oregon

Throughout the quest to transition to renewable energy, one problem has proven elusive to researchers: how to store large amounts of clean energy. Typically, clean energy has been dependent on the weather: wind energy needs wind, solar energy requires sun, and the lack of either means a lack of energy. To circumvent this, Oregon’s Wheatridge Renewable Energy Facility is combining an array of renewable energy …

LOGE Camp’s Five Fetching Locations Encourage Outdoor Exploration

At Oregon, Washington, California and Colorado properties, guests benefit from proximity to natural wonders

Over the past few years in particular, hotels and other hospitality outlets have ramped up their hands-on approach to pleasing guests with unique amenities, creature comforts and a sense of participating in a lifestyle. With the hospitality group LOGE (which stands for live outside, go explore), lifestyle is the goal but all five pared-back properties are built around the understanding that the US has stunning …