Keepers Unveils New Can Design

The Brooklyn-based soda maker moves to a simpler look

Brooklyn-based citrus coffee soda brand, Keepers has unveiled a pair of new cans designed in-house by Sam Zhou. The cans—an aesthetic upgrade from the packaging they’ve donned since launching in 2016—are minimalist and adorned with information about the coffee inside, from region to altitude, variety, farm and tasting notes. The redesign is simple, with regard to its look and its goal: the product has always been …

10pt’s Clever Sustainable T-Shirt Packaging

Student designers Antonina Kozlova and Kanokpon Yokchoo from the Anhalt University of Design started a T-shirt brand whose packaging is not only sustainable, but also useful. The innovative packaging—a spiral paper tube which the shirts are shipped inside—doubles as measuring tape. Simply unravel the 100% recycled paper tube, and a colorful tape-measure is the result. See more at thedieline.

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A kaleidoscopic church installation, edible beer packaging, and how Venmo is making you stingy in this week's look at the web

1. The Most Important Era of Innovation A recent article in The New York Times asks, “What Was the Greatest Era for Innovation?” It’s a difficult question to answer—if there even is an answer—as everything from plumbing to airplanes, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and smartphones have shaped the evolution of American life. Instead, The Times surfaces some of the most notable inventions and ground-breaking ideas of …