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Edible Ramen Packaging Seasons The Noodles It Covers

Inspired by the “irony that a dish that was designed to be cooked and eaten in under 10 minutes comes in packaging that takes upwards of eight decades to decompose,” product designer Holly Grounds set out to find an eco-friendly solution to ramen packaging. The recent graduate from Ravensbourne University London then developed a clever yet simple edible option. Eschewing the many plastic sachets that come with current iterations of instant noodles, Grounds based hers on a combination of potato starch, glycerin and water (with various flavors and spices infused) that dissolves—seasoning the broth—as the ramen cooks. Each package is heat-sealed, which keeps the noodles inside fresh. “The issue is that the world is not only confronting a rapidly growing mountain of plastic but also an even greater mountain of apathy. That’s why it was important to me to make the convenient choice the sustainable one,” she tells Dezeen. Read more there.

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