Venice Biennale 2022: Depictions of The Human Body

AI portraits, sculptures made from plants, anthropomorphic figures and more at the exemplary art event

Across dozens of national pavilions at this year’s Venice Art Biennale, the theme “The Milk of Dreams” has been explored and interpreted in stunning ways. It’s clear that curator Cecilia Alemanni knew there were endless possibilities when she chose the concept, which is the title of a book of fairytales by Leonora Carrington (1917-2011), a British-born Mexican artist who excelled at the surreal. The book …

Limited Edition Riso Print

Another limited edition print from Oakland-based painter, musician, founder of queer skateboarding collective Unity and CH favorite, Jeffrey Cheung, this piece depicts five people, tangled together in the artist’s familiar style. Their off-kilter proportions and smiling faces provide each individual with even more character, and their intertwining limbs create a combined sense of tenderness and playfulness. This print measures 11 by 17 inches.

Contemporary Portraiture by Black Artists at LA Art Week 2022

Powerful highlights from Frieze Los Angeles, Felix Art Fair and Spring/Break Art Show

As Frieze Los Angeles, Felix Art Fair, Spring/Break Art Show and dozens of galleries, as well as art, design and fashion pop-ups, welcomed an international swathe of guests to LA, every exhibitor had the opportunity to present powerful pieces. Amidst towering and transportive works at the three fairs, and the transgressive and thought-provoking pieces elsewhere (including Martine Syms‘ kinetic digital installation for Prada Mode, entitled “HelLA …