The Watercolor Pre-Roll

Devambez—the accoladed royal stationer operating in France since 1826—collaborated with artisanal dyer Audrey Louise Reynolds to create a vibrant and mesmerizing collection of pre-rolls. Each organic, unbleached hemp paper is hand-painted with abstract renditions of sunsets and landscapes using Reynolds’ foraged ingredients, leaving lasting color without any additional flavors. Bewitching and unique, these pre-rolls blend nature, art and cannabis (which does not come included).

Spring 2021 Quarterly Edition Notebook Three-Pack

The 50th edition of Field Notes’ quarterly three-pack notebooks features a “Red Hot” French Paper Co cover (embellished with metallic ink and the pop of a Futura “50” through a die-cut circle) encapsulating 48 silver graph grid pages. It’s an altogether vibrant commemorative edition, but one to be used rather than tucked away.

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

AI-made music, the world's thinnest paper, missing NYC street sounds and more from around the internet

NYPL’s “Missing Sounds of New York” Playlist The latest in a line of digital offerings provided by the New York Public Library, the strangely emotional Missing Sounds of New York exists as an “auditory love letter to New Yorkers.” Beginning with chatter and clanking turnstiles, “To See An Underground Show” features those familiar screeching brakes and a little subway performance, while other tracks include “Serenity …