Putting Pen To Paper

Six writing implements, notebooks and more to inspire

It doesn’t matter if one is heading back to school or committing to an effective autumn at work, the appropriate writing implements make it all easier. Even as technology develops, there’s nothing like putting pen (or pencil) to paper. As expected, design has also come a long way. The following six items represent intriguing shapes, materials and colors from brands both new and emerging. A good writing item deserves paper worth the ink—and utensils ultimately need to be stowed. While much of our communication and note taking is likely to be digital these days, we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of nice writing supplies—and the value of a hand-written letter.

Public – Supply Red 02 Notebook

Be bold with Public – Supply‘s Red 02 notebook—an 80-page, soft-covered journal. Available with either dotted or ruled paper, it’s produced from FSC Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Acid Free, 10% Post Consumer Waste (Recycled Content) natural cream paper. We’ve long been fans of the NYC-based brand and soft-cover notebooks are ideal for those constantly on the move and looking to stow paper away easily.

Inventery’s Mechanical Pen

Arguably, the weight of a mechanical pen can be thought of as a mirror for the weight of the substance in the content it produces. With Inventery’s 58-gram Mechanical Pen, there’s a luxuriant heft and reasonable thickness. Our preference is the brass version ($90) which is defined by one precisely machined unibody, fitted with an all-brass mechanism. Each pen also has an individual serial number.

Postalco’s Single Pen Case

After the success of their two- and three-pen cases, Postalco has announced an All Leather Geology Single Pen Case (¥11,880)—due out this fall. Once again the case has been made from three different types of leather. Handmade in Japan, the pen case features a goatskin exterior with pig and calfskin inside—resulting in a softness throughout. For individuals who favor one special pen versus handfuls of pens, this is an elegant option.

Caran d’Ache 12-Piece Fancolor Set

It’s not just the 12-piece pencil set that appeals about Caran d’Ache‘s new offering Fancolor Set ($43). It’s the coloring book translated in four languages (with definite linguistic value) and the poems within. Colored pencils, on a functional level, make for ideal editing tools. Coloring books, in contrast, have known calming benefits. Together, here, there’s something that should appeal to everyone—with educational elements abounding.

Bernard Maisner Hand-Painted Notecards

There’s nothing like a good notecard. Further, one will find it hard to locate some nicer than those from Bernard Maisner. With this new set of eight hand-painted Easel Canvas Notecards ($160), the brand delivers mini modern art pieces. From the cream cotton stock paper to the engraving, all elements have been considered. And there’s more than enough space for a special handwritten message.

Poppin Gunmetal + Navy Accessory Pouch

Designed in NYC, the Poppin Pouch ($18) is just the latest in a long line of minimal, brightly colored products we’ve liked from the brand. Here, the luxe metallic exterior is actually water-repellent. The interior is large enough to hold more than a handful of pens and pencils—even a cellphone charger. And the gunmetal colorway announces its presence delightfully.

Images courtesy of respective brands