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The Sporkful’s original pasta design, called Cascatelli and produced by Sfoglini, delivers perfectly on forkability, sausability and toothability. This four-pack of Cascatelli can be divided up between family and friends—or kept for …

Novel Mart

Puttanesca Sweatshirt


Founded by Lucas Nicholson during the pandemic, Novel Mart crafts tongue-in-cheek clothing dedicated to the food and drink—cocktails, wines, pastas and more—of Florence. This collegiate-style Puttanesca sweatshirt is for all those who …

Sardel + Roscioli

Pasta Cooking Kit


Comprising three high-quality Italian products—olive oil from Lazio, tomato puree from Puglia and spaghetti from Umbria—Sardel + Roscioli’s pasta cooking kit perfectly illustrates how delicious a simple meal can be. All the …

Semolina Pasta

Artisanal Pasta Gift Box


Made in small batches with certified organic durum semolina, all Semolina Artisanal Pasta is extruded through bronze dies to give the pasta a rough exterior texture—ideal for holding onto sauces. For this …

Pasta Tool Set


Not only are Eataly’s wooden pasta utensils traditional (so you can make dishes like your nonna), they’re also good looking enough that you’ll be proud to display them in your kitchen. The …

Pasta of the Month


Brooklyn-based Sfoglini’s textured small-batch pasta, made from organic flours, transforms the traditional staple food into an extra special meal. Their inventive seasonal pastas often collaborate with local gardens and producers—like Bronx Brewery …