The Sporkful’s original pasta design, called Cascatelli and produced by Sfoglini, delivers perfectly on forkability, sausability and toothability. This four-pack of Cascatelli can be divided up between family and friends—or kept for yourself.

Puttanesca Sweatshirt

Founded by Lucas Nicholson during the pandemic, Novel Mart crafts tongue-in-cheek clothing dedicated to the food and drink—cocktails, wines, pastas and more—of Florence. This collegiate-style Puttanesca sweatshirt is for all those who enjoy the salty, spicy sauce. Available in size small to 5XL, this jumper comes in classic colors (like black, grey and white) as well as pale pink and baby blue. All are made …

Factory Visit: Sporkful + Sfoglini Invent New Cascatelli Pasta Shape

An exclusive look at the creation of pasta with high "sauceability, forkability and toothsinkability," by Dan Pashman and Steve Gonzalez

While evidence of Italian pasta exists back to the 13th century (though most probably descends from ancient Asian noodles), it’s not often that a new pasta shape is invented. For this reason, we were thrilled to take an exclusive look at the just-launched Cascatelli—a collaboration between Sfoglini and Sporkful. Born from Sporkful creator Dan Pashman’s desire to make something of his own and Sfoglini’s enthusiasm …