Paul Rand: A Designer’s Art

Perhaps the USA’s most significant and influential graphic designer, Paul Rand (who created iconic logos for IBM, UPS and many other brands) was, and remains, undeniably important to the industry. Featuring 200 illustrations and 27 essays, Paul Rand: A Designer’s Art is a comprehensive guide to his work, philosophy, methods and impact. Visually enthralling, insightful, and educational—this book is for designers and enthusiasts alike.

New Edition of Paul Rand’s Thoughts on Design

The seminal text on graphic design reappears after over 40 years out of print

In 1947, art director and graphic designer Paul Rand published a striking manifesto on the nature of design itself. This essay would directly impact the world of graphic design for ages. In fact, its applications (in addition to Rand’s graphic design work) remain powerfully resonant today. While Rand would go on to revise the book’s art in the ’70s, his update never saw the presses, …