New Edition of Paul Rand’s Thoughts on Design

The seminal text on graphic design reappears after over 40 years out of print


In 1947, art director and graphic designer Paul Rand published a striking manifesto on the nature of design itself. This essay would directly impact the world of graphic design for ages. In fact, its applications (in addition to Rand’s graphic design work) remain powerfully resonant today. While Rand would go on to revise the book’s art in the ’70s, his update never saw the presses, and the work itself has been out of print since—despite its prominent role in academia. This was, until a recent facsimile edition of “Thoughts on Design” was announced. One that both preserves the original text and revised imagery, while also bolstering it with a new forward from Michael Bierut, a partner at the NYC offices of the acclaimed Pentagram Design firm. Across its pages, the words and work mingle, and all of it is inspiring and insightful. For any student of design, or graphic design enthusiast with an interest in the impact of branding on the world, it’s a must-read. Rand himself stated that good design integrates “the beautiful and the useful.” This book does exactly that.

Purchase the soon-to-be-released new edition of Paul Rand’s “Thoughts on Design” by Chronicle Books from Amazon for $14.

Images by Cool Hunting