First Look at the Treo 680

Earlier today at Digitallife Palm announced the much anticipated Treo 680. We got our hands on one and are happy to report it's a great improvement over the 650. The device is smaller in all dimensions. The screen is brighter and more crisp, the SD card slot is moved to a better location and the antenna is now internal so there's not annoying nub. Expected …

Motorola MPx

Some new pictures of the Motorola MPx surfaced today. I really like the idea of this device -form defining function. Open it vertically, it's a phone, open it horizontally and it's a PDA. I just wish it didn't use the Pocket PC OS which is so un-user-friendly. I'm also very curious to see the buttons up close. How usable and intuitive are they??

E2800 from E28

Shanghi based start-up, E28, has started selling a new Linux based PDA/Phone hybrid in the Chinese market. While the power and flexibility exceed that of the Motorola A760 and A768 , the device design looks incredibly similar. Might this have something to do with the fact that E28 was started by a few former Motorolans? here’s a tech review here’s a business review