The Wallet

For a long time now, I (we) have seen a day in the future when I have one device that organizes my information, enables my communication, and holds all the stuff currently in my wallet.
Convergence of cell phones and PDAs is here (though still a bit rough around the edges). And I’ve got tons of pictures on my mob. The next step is not too far away. As CNET reports:

Nokia and MasterCard launched a trial of a new breed of mobile phone technology this month that lets people use their Nokia phones as credit cards.
Nokia is distributing 500 new phones equipped with the special payment technology as well as 1,500 free phone covers that can snap onto current models in Irving, Texas, a suburb of Dallas and the home of Nokia’s U.S. headquarters.
The phones are equipped with MasterCard’s new “PayPass” payment technology that lets consumers wave by or tap MasterCard credit card-connected devices on a reader to charge their accounts, rather than swiping cards through the retailer’s magnetic stripe reader.

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